Note: I wrote this five years ago. I’m reposting it today in honor of Trans Awareness Week and Trans Day of Remembrance.

I have been thinking for weeks about the suicide of teenager Leelah Alcorn, and her wish that her death mean something.

I’m sharing my story about what it has been like to be the parent of a trans kid in the hopes that if you are a parent struggling to…

This CEO is a master at interacting with her board. Here’s how she does it.

My phone started ringing. It was a Saturday night in May around 10pm and I was hanging out with my daughter, watching a movie. She hit pause and said, “Let me guess, it’s Aicha.”


Hello Readers!

I’m ending the year with a grab-bag of VC-related questions and answers. Keep those questions coming to, and happy holidays! — Heidi

Q: I’ve heard that when raising from a VC you should never take a meeting with anyone but a partner, because they are the only…

Heidi Roizen

Partner at Threshold Ventures, Stanford Educator, Board Member, Mom, dog lover.

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